I create content that makes your business stand out.

Times have changed. A great designer these days has to be part soothsayer, part psychologist, part storyteller, and have the ability to put all the pieces together, even when the pieces keep changing.

Your brand is more than your logo, name, or slogan - your brand consists of the entire process from your introduction to your thank-you card.

Your branding defines who you are. It distinguishes you from all of the clutter that saturates the marketing world. From the images you convey to the message you deliver on your website, to the email campaign you use, your image is judged for its professionalism to the impact it has. These creative elements separate you from your competition. The Value of Creating a Defined Brand.

It's important to stand out from your competition.

Your brand's look helps to position you as a cut above in the mind of your current and prospective customers.

Think about successful consumer brands like Disney, McDonalds, Starbucks, or Coca Cola. Now imagine that you're competing against one of these companies. If you want to capture significant market share, you can clearly see that your brand identity matters.

When you stand two companies against each other, the one that represents something of identifiable value will have an easier time reaching, engaging, closing and retaining customers.

Successful branding also creates "brand equity" - the amount of money that customers are willing to pay just because it's your brand. In addition to generating revenue, brand equity makes your company itself more respected over the long term.

Rick Clark - Digital Artist

"It was during the 80s that I became interested in computer graphics". "I remember getting my first grayscale monitor. It was a big step up from the green or orange colored monitors." Rick eventually expanded his abilities to encompass design materials for promotional campaigns used in mediums such as newspaper, radio, and direct mail. Rick quickly developed his natural ability to interpret his client's concepts and deliver exciting visual presentations.

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logo Design

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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Print Design

Your printed materials leave a lasting impression long after the conversation has ended. Make sure it's the right impression.

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Website Design

Your website is the center of your online presence. It must tell a story, one that engages your viewer and moves then to take action.

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Let's cut to the chase, you are in business to make money.

If a product or service isn't making you money you cut it loose.

So if your latest graphic design isn't getting you the results you hoped for, why do you still continue doing business as usual? At Clark Media, Inc. I take a different approach. I am diligently searching for the latest trends and techniques that can help you make money.

I create compelling graphic designs across multiple platforms that effectively communicate your brand to new and existing clients, with consistency. Whether your needs are small business, corporate, recreational, or hobby related, Clark Media, Inc. can help create that consistency and effectiveness you need to make money!

What some of our biggest fans have to say

Rick has been a great go to designer for me for many years. He is easy to work with, understands my direction quickly and has creative input that makes me look good. Give Rick a call, for many of your graphic or digital arts needs. He will give 100% to you too!"

Chuck Yex

Art Director/Project Manager at Falcon's Creative Group

"I first met Rick at a Leads group at The St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce. I offered him a lead from a client I'd been working with. He responded promptly and provided exactly what the client needed from a web site. My client was very pleased with the recommendation. In addition, Rick is always eager to offer his services to help, even when the compensation is minimal or none, as long as its for a good cause. Rick's a special individual.

Yvette Vazquez

Director of Admissions & Business Developer at Consulate of Kissimmee Health & Rehabilitation

Rick is a detail oriented professional. From Graphic Design to Web Media, Sites and Back Ends he is a master at look and feel of sites he's built with me and for several firms to which he's designed and managed. I highly recommend Rick to any Web based project and continue to use his services.

Dan Hughes

CEO / Creative Director at Intuitive Products, llc. President and Scenic Artist at Alchemy Studios Orlando

Rick recently designed my logo; his follow through was fabulous, very creative and when we thought he was done he felt he could do even better and came back to me with a logo I loved even more!. Now that is high integrity!

Marie Body Essentials Aromatherapy

Professional Travel Consultant at Liquid Blue Travel/Owner at Body Essentials Aromatherapy

Clark Media, Inc. - helping you succeed with effective graphic designs.